Alt=Sunita is Business & Leadership Strategist

Why did I start?


I was at the top of the corporate ladder, and an economic slowdown abruptly knocked it. Rather than taking a step back, I decided to stand up and jump into my own business.

Business for me is about being able to work on my terms. 


In this process, I have had my share of personal and professional challenges. Working long hours, neglecting health, compromising on personal life with nominal income, and unpredictability of the growth for the amount of time and effort being put into establishing the business; I understand it is not an easy climb.


Apart from this, getting rejected day after day while mastering the art of keeping a smile on the face is also a task.



Some of my experiences while growing:


Starting a business amidst this cut-throat competition can be overwhelming.

  • Feeling like an outsider while knocking on doors to grow the business with much less credibility, one starts second-guessing their abilities- a primary phase of Imposter Syndrome.

  • Attracting the 'Ideal Client' seems like a far-fetched dream, almost like a mirage in the desert.

  • Professionals who start their ventures as lone warriors face downfalls that could have been avoided had they thought of consulting a business coach in the initial stage.


My values and belief system:


Growth is never comfortable, and change is never easy.

  • Instead of talking about change, I believe in focusing on bringing the desired results while working with my business coaching clients. 


  • Transforming organisations in more than 20 industries with an extensive professional experience of over two decades as a business coach, I believe that goal achievement is a two-fold transitional change.


 ​    Internal Change: Positive mindset transformation

     ​External Change: Conscious effort is taken towards improvement and growth


  •  I also believe that entrepreneurs cannot be lone warriors; they must have a team to work together towards achieving the organization’s visionary goals. 


  • While starting out with a new venture, one needs to have people around who are inspiring, ambitious, guiding, motivating with a pragmatic approach. 

In my opinion, reaching new levels of personal and business success is what GROWTH is all about!




How can you work with me?

Are you committed to serious change and want to skip all the trial and error?

1 on 1 coaching is the ultimate solution for getting your business goals aligned correctly to achieve the desired results.

We can work together on your business strategy, structure, targeting, messaging, and pricing.


Connect On Business Success Roadmap Session In Which I Shall Show You How You Can Generate New, Additional Business Of 10 to 20 Lakhs Without Spending Any Extra Money.