COVID-19 has turned the world upside down as most of the workforce is working from home, which today is considered the ‘new normal’. Economies are changing, and a majority of businesses are going through a massive downturn. Simultaneously, many companies are trying to salvage the situation and are being diligent in rapid resource allocation. Consequently, business leaders are being pushed into places they know very little about but are expected to move ahead with the times and deal with situations and develop novel strategies.

So how do leaders emerge out of this crisis successfully? Here are three skills that leaders today need to acquire:

Accept Change- The numerous changes happening in environment forces leaders to ‘act change’ instead of ‘processing change’. Moving focus from ‘how do we get through this change’ they need to ‘act’ on the change. As it is said, change is the only constant; however, it is the change that will bring new opportunities to them.

Empathize- Leaders need to realize that their workforce today is juggling multiple roles- that of parents to young children, caregivers to elderly, and team members supporting each other in rough times. The level of exhaustion is much more than pre-covid times, hence active listening and open discussions that voice encouragement and reassurance can help build morale in the team.

Empower- A leader must wear different hats to drive and bring success and can sometimes be very exhausting. They need to realize that delegating becomes essential to avoid burn-outs and that micromanaging does not always assert superiority.

In the dynamic world that we live in, it has become crucial to be ready for any changes. Change acts as a source of opportunity which should help leaders explore multiple ways of approaching the same problem.

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