Madhav seems to be highly disappointed with his business progress, and in the past year, he has seen more disappointment than victories.

He realised that his life was disoriented and wished that he gets back his business, his life back on track.

By nature, he believed setting a vision for himself and his business was unimportant. Lack of vision posed a serious mindset as he led organisations without seeing the difference between success and failure.

His conversation with his coach brought his attention to the way he undervalued vision and kept him away from the success and happy life that he desired for himself.

Here are four fatal traps that can keep you away from your VISION.

#1 Uncomfortable and unpreparedness for the future

The present is where you get lost if you don’t have vision clarity. Staying in the comfort of today may be wise but it derails innovation and obscures your path to the future, where you’re trying to go and prepare for what’s ahead.

#2 Focusing on limitations and defocusing opportunities

In a daily whirlwind, it is easy to default to seeing only obstacles; however, a clear vision keeps us attuned to possibilities and refocuses us to align with the future.

#3 Unclear and multiple priorities

In the absence of vision, every shiny object becomes an opportunity to make short term decisions that could be disastrous in the long-term perspective.

#4 Mismanaged resources

Instead of taking a well-crafted path to the vision, you end up running in circles, pouring energy into irrelevant outcomes & unimportant tasks. When unclear about the destination, focusing on execution derails resulting in frustrations and waste of valuable resources.

Take a look at your situation and see if you are heading without a vision. The best time to do something significant is between yesterday and tomorrow.

So, welcome the new year with a clear vision for your business, teams, and keep you, your people, and your business moving forward.

Are you intentionally setting the vision for a beautiful future?

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