Shekhar walked out of a campaign review meet frustrated out of bounds as he didn't generate desired results even after spending lacs on advertising. His team refurbished his consultancy website, hired the best agency, followed a strategy of running targeted e-mailers, and ended with a lacklustre performance.

Thomas Edison's associate, Walter S. Mallory, once said to him, "Isn't it a shame that with the tremendous amount of work you have done, you haven't been able to get any results?"

Edison responded, with a smile, "Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results! I know several thousand things that won't work."

So, the bottom line here is, even if you work hard towards achieving your desired results, you must also invest in deep-dive analysis into "why" campaigns failed and constructing a well-designed and targeted marketing strategy for your consulting business.

Here are 4 proven strategies for a successful marketing campaign:

1. Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Why would your clients be interested in your consulting services when they can hire your competitors or what's in it for them to choose you? It would be best to have a unique element in your offerings that differentiates you from your competitors to answer these questions.

2. Create An Offer That Your Clients Can't Ignore: You need to put together what makes your products/services unique that compel clients to buy. If they don't feel like they NEED your services and can easily replace you with your competitors, or they won't buy. Having enticing offerings helps lure clients into hiring you and maybe even on a retainer basis.

3. Develop Marketing Perspective: Survey your existing clients to know the areas where your services are falling short or identify the gaps that need your attention to be fulfilled. To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to develop a perspective inclined towards strategizing client-focused messaging rather than selling products/services.

4. Measure Your Metrics: Keeping tabs on your efforts and tracking them using KPIs will tell you how well the campaign is performing. It will also tell you what works and ditch things that don't work for you.

One must not rest too long on the laurels and always keep inventing new marketing opportunities that solve clients' problems, highlight your services and influence prospects to buy your products/services.

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