Leadership is one of the most studied topics with reference to organizational success and in relation to several employee performance outcomes. A more interesting question is that when we know so much about effective leadership, why are leaders sometimes unable to exercise effective leadership?

Let’s discuss the four most common qualities ineffective leaders demonstrate:

1. Poor communication and alignment – All leaders want to think of themselves as efficient at communicating and aligning with their team members and the organization. As per, Interact/Harris Poll, 91% of employees say communication issues can drag executives down. Leaders having a clear understanding of strategic outcomes is great, however, disseminating this to the next and to the front-line employees is abysmal.

2. Lack of clear focus or too many priorities – If you chase too many rabbits, you will catch none. It is applicable to leaders as well as, in the quest of achieving more or saying yes to every opportunity, leaders lose focus on the key strategic outcomes. Also, leaders frequently changing priorities may confuse employees which would lead to disengagement and loss of productivity.

3. Lack of delegation – Leaders who think it is a waste of time to delegate because they can do a better job will hamper their team’s development, employee morale, and quality of the outcomes. Employees want empowerment, trust, and autonomy in their work without micromanagement by their leaders.

4. Endless meetings – All leaders are great with managing meeting schedules and most of their work time is spent in meetings. In my experience, leaders easily spend anywhere from 35 to 55 percent of their time in meetings, and poorly spent meeting time means discussions not resulting in any decision. The price of a misused leader’s time is very high.

All leaders have blind spots and it keeps a leader from having the leverage and influence they should. As a leader, be sensitive to them, work on them and slowly you can put them in the rear-view mirror where they belong.

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