Are you communicating your worth as a consultant?

Consulting is a huge business with more than 700,000 consulting firms across the globe creating $250 billion annually.

It’s imperative to focus on excelling your specialities as 78% of clients these days outsource their projects to experts who best fit the subject matter of their project. To grow your business, create your best business plan for your consulting services covering the range of your services.

Here are four steps to define and communicate your area of expertise as a consultant.

Step 1. Sync With Your Client’s Needs:

Identifying your client’s needs is a vital step for defining your expertise in the marketplace. What type of business could use your skills? Find a pattern in the clients you’ve worked in the past. Are there any needs they all had in common? Your speciality lies at the intersection of the needs your clients share.

Step 2. Your Unique Offerings:

Can you quantify the services you provide? Find the value of your deliverables and use that to help define your business. Your offerings should be unique and distinctive from that of your ultimate competitors.

Step 3. Analyze Your Competitors Strategies:

Research about what services do they offer, what strategies do they focus on? What strengths do you share with them? You may even consider reaching out directly to some for advice.

Step 4. Client’s ROI Enhancement:

If your business is less about deliverables and more involved in services, quantify how you’ve brought ROI to your clients. For instance: How are your services specifically active in bringing clients from where they were to where they are now? What’s in it for them to hire you as their consultant? You can help to define your speciality by answering how your services add value to the client.

Additional Tip: To communicate your expertise, it may be helpful for you to sum up your business in a slogan-like sentence that you can use in your communication message across every medium like your website, social media accounts, and so on.

Are you communicating your expertise to attract your ideal client?

Are you winning repeat business from your clients and steadily increasing your billings?

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