Why do some consultants get more fees than others?

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, the same applies to consultancy fees.

The #1 reason why some consultants make more than others — they ask for it!

If you want high ticket clients, you must think strategically about making money. Getting paid more begins with crafting marketing and sales strategies to create your image as an authority in your industry. Further, innovate ways to increase your visibility so that you always stay on the radar of your ideal clients.

Here are four strategies you help you make more as a consultant:

1. Raise your consultancy fees, focus on value, own your worth and ask for the business confidently where the result is guaranteed.

2. Be willing to do things that often push you out of your comfort zone to build authority. Using innovative ways to market your services and create a digital footprint will increase your chances of knowing about your great work.

3. Stay connected with influential people, model what they do and take help to get you in the front of your ideal clients.

4. Have a laser-sharp focus and learn to stand out to create a differentiator. Become a sought-after consultant for a targeted audience seeking out those kinds of experiences you can offer the best.

With all the strategies outlined above, you can leverage your consulting expertise into generating a high-ticket client’s stream.

Remember, being seen as a visible authority is critical in consulting business -- both for generating progressively increasing revenue and establishing your successful consulting brand.

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