Do you wish to attract more clients and increase revenue?

It’s important to always keep the door of your business open to new opportunities even though you are a well-established consultant of your niche. I have therefore deduced these actionable tactics to up your networking game and attract new clients. While this advice is geared towards established consultants, there are many useful learning tools for new independent consultants out there as well.

1. Review Your Business Plan

A valuable practice for staying on top of your game is to revisit your business plan and bill rate. This exercise will give you the opportunity to update goals and competitive edge. Taking a look at your goals over the past year might benefit you to grow from a few small changes that you can make. Take a look at what your competitors are billing for similar consulting services offered to make sure your rates are competitive in the marketplace.

2. Expanding Your Horizons

The more experience you have, the better you’ll get at managing different types of clients and client problems. That doesn’t mean you abandon your niche, just try to think of allied services you can provide, or maybe if you wish to experiment look outside of your core areas of expertise for expansion. This may even mean a reach in your focus area or an expansion geographically.

3. Time To Network

Word of mouth only goes so far. You’ve most likely attended conferences when you first started out, but things have changed since then. With the new and improved opportunities to market yourself these days, whether it’s through social media, email marketing, LinkedIn, etc., conferences have a substantial potential when it comes to helping you expand your business with almost 83%.

4. Revamp Your Marketing Strategies

Consider using case studies as part of your marketing collateral to help showcase your work with past clients. Referrals and testimonials work the best too. Try adding a little more creativity in your communication messaging and opt for social media platforms to reach a targeted set of clienteles.

5. Invest in Learning

Knowledge and experience are age-old are valuable tools. While clients will typically look to engage new consultants for a fresh and unique perspective, some turn to other consultants for access to a particular skill or knowledge. Fill yourself up within and outs of your industry and try learning new skills.

Regular professional development in your area of expertise is a must. consider using online tools to adapt the digital skills you shall need in your consulting career and even otherwise.

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