Is lack of Social Media Presence Killing Your Business?

‘Man Is A Social Animal’, wise words of Aristotle are found to be bridging the gap via digital forms today.

Social media marketing produces up to 80% faster, targeted, and cost-effective promotional results for small businesses through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Understanding the importance of the use of social media in today’s world, I have deduced 5 simple ways to promote your business digitally.

1. Sharing Your Expertise: No matter what sector you work in, social media platforms provide excellent opportunities to establish your business as a source of expertise. For instance, you can use Facebook to share your opinions or give how-to tips. Similarly, Twitter can be used to highlight industry news or backlink an informational post of your blog. LinkedIn can prominently be used to showcase your past work experiences and share relevant industry-related articles that give credibility to your services.

2. Network Expansion: Social media is all about being social by using your accounts to network with clients to promote your business, create awareness about the services you offer, and make valuable contacts. While the ultimate goal may be to reach new clients, the contacts you make through networking on social media may be potential leads, industry influencers, or even non-competitive clients.

3. Engagement And Interaction: Simply being active on social media networks isn’t necessarily enough; quality content is crucial to effectively market your business online. Your business is your passion, so as much as every announcement or information is important to you, it may not be to your clients or followers. Before posting, consider the response you want to elicit out of your prospects as they will be more likely to share your post with others which means growing your potential client base.

4. Enticing Offerings: It’s no secret that people love to grab great deals. Offering exclusive content and value offerings to your social media base can be a useful approach to attract new clients and build visibility. It also increases the value of your social media content, which can increase your followers and subscribers as a result, providing a bigger potential customer base you can reach with your marketing efforts. Offerings like coupon codes, value deals on a masterclass, free giveaways are some ideas that you can play around with to make your prospects engage with your content.

5. Addressing Queries: Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers, creating a dialogue and conversation that other marketing methods can’t provide. By actively encouraging your prospect to interact with you can address their questions and comments quickly and learn more about their wants and needs, and foster a feeling of personal involvement that in turn instils trust and loyalty.

By using these stepping stones, you shall be able to lay the foundation of your business’s digital promotion in the easiest and economical way.

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