The power of great visibility can never be underestimated ’

Even with a great business plan sometimes it would be difficult if your ideal clients don’t know who you are and what services you offer. 28% of clients still prefer associating with businesses that already have greater visibility in the marketplace. Self-promotion requires high investments into marketing to be different from competitors. So, for a growing consulting business it is essential to be visible to clients who generally prefer familiarising themselves with their consulting partner before they trust and engage with them.

Here are my favourite, easy and cost-effective ways to build a strong visible authority, generate leads, and convert them into high-paying clients.

1. Business Website- Need Of The Hour: Your website is the key to promoting your skills, showcasing work, and generating quality leads with more than 89% of businesses having their own. You can have a hassle-free website set up with customizable templates and plug-in keywords to focus on ideal clients’ needs, related to industry and business to stand out in the google search and give your business a boost vis-à-vis your competition.

2. Quality Content Creation: Creating valuable content is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to increase consulting business visibility and creates authenticity in terms of what you offer, your expertise in turn building trust and authority. You may choose the content forms like blogs, podcasts, videos, visual posts, or e-book by amalgamating your and your client’s preferences. Try keeping the content engaging using carousel posts, pictures, short videos, or infographics.

3. Networking Your Way: Networking plays a crucial role in running a successful consulting business by regularly connecting with your ideal clients on various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even via direct-to-person mailers. Engaging and nurturing your potential and existing clients by sharing relevant articles, insights, or asking them a question about their own business are some of the ways of long-term investment based on the simple principle of ‘Reciprocity’.

4. Social Media Game Changer: Social media is the easiest and fastest way to build brand awareness, authority and engage with your ideal clients by devising different engagement strategies for each social media platform. To begin with, you can create content like- ‘How To’ guides for LinkedIn, Facebook, whereas Instagram, Pinterest can be beneficial for visual or infographics. The secrete to social presence success is authenticity and discipline. The more genuine efforts you make to engage and share valuable content with your target audience, the more visible and authority you will build as 96% of businesses today have their own social media accounts to stay connected and be interactive.

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