Are you tracking your marketing efforts correctly?

Are you happy with your outreach efforts?

Do you know how to improve the efficacy of your marketing?

If you have not tracked it yet, don’t worry; let me share the process that has worked for my clients and me.

Here is a simple, high-level five-stage marketing process.

Stage 1: This is when you get in front of your ideal clients. .i.e. “Outreach”. Now, the key to success of this stage is clear messaging in a personalised way.

Stage 2: Getting a 100% response to outreach is a dream, but it does not happen. Hence, “Follow-up” with prospects either through an email or a phone call is exceptionally valuable and essential. You may develop a few helpful pieces of content that can be shared with clients to garner attention and build authority. Lack of follow-up ends the marketing efforts.

Stage 3: It is all about conversation, tracking “Conversations”. Conversations with prospects are the most crucial business generating activity: more conversation, more clients.

Stage 4: Once prospects agree to your services it is the stage of sharing “Proposal”. While in the conversation with prospects, discuss the outline and agreed points. It is essential to stick to the timelines of proposal submission. To expedite the response to the proposal, it is advisable to discuss the proposal with the prospective client.

Stage 5: Highlighting value proposition and clarity in your proposal should win you a client and bring “Closure” to marketing efforts.

Tracking these five stages becomes highly critical to see the impact of marketing and helps to see the areas in which you are strong and where you can improve.

If you find this helpful to use it grow your consulting business.

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