“Our job as consultants is to ensure we are top of mind - the first specialist that a client calls when they need help.” Will Bachman

What are your doing to stay on the radar of your clients?

83% of buyers gather information before meeting the potential suppliers through digital channels – Garter

Self-promotion or staying on your client's RADAR is essential. Here, I am sharing few ways to engage in self-promotion.

  • Write a blog on LinkedIn with the relevant topic

  • Comment on clients’ blogs and social media

  • Share email newsletters to share information not salesy

  • Record podcast to share tools and techniques

  • Share case study about client success stories

  • Short videos about target audience challenges and resolutions

  • Run webinars to share practical tips

  • Share information through email to help client learn something new

  • Offer sneak peeks into new products or services

  • Ask for feedback about how you performed as a consultant

The key is to be genuinely focused on the clients benefit rather than pitching or pushing for a sale. By using the some of these techniques, you would stay connected with your clients and build a strong relationship.

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