Conducting engagement surveys is a useful way of gathering insight into what is important to your employees. Surveys take effort and time to deploy and instead of waiting for “survey time”, why not create a checklist that can pick up on the ongoing signals regarding employee engagement.

Things to consider and questions to ask when building an Employee Engagement Checklist:

1. Do your employees have clarity about expectations and actions to be taken to accomplish their role job?

2. Do your employees understand how their efforts contribute to the overall organization's success?

3. Do you have a robust structure for leaders to communicate and provide clarity about key decisions in the organization?

4. Do you have a mechanism to inform employees about their importance to the organization?

5. Do you have the process to update employees about internal (organization) and external (industry/competition) changes impacting their role and the results they produce?

6. Do you provide structure/environment to strengthen team collaboration?

7. Do you have processes to regularly recognize or praise employees for their contribution?

8. Do you have practices to hold everyone accountable in an equal and fairway?

9. Do your leaders follow through on their promises?

10. Do you provide resources and create an environment by clearing obstacles or problems impeding employee success?

11. Do you have systems to understand and support the aspirations and passions of employees?

Engaged employees mean increased productivity and profit. Although employee engagement can change at any time, leaders can monitor it by using few parameters like mentioned above.