80% of ALL sales occur between the 5th & 12th point of contact.

80% ! Are you starting to see the need to improve follow-up?

If you want to close more sales, you need to follow up. You must be in it for the long-term and not give up if things don't come together for you right away.

Follow-up isn't about calls, emails which may be more salesy. Instead, focus on value to increase the conversion % and transaction value.

Here are my tried and tested tips to follow-up without being pushy or salesy:

  1. If you want the buyer to engage with you, you must focus on two things REASON TO BUY and REASON TO BUY NOW. You may highlight the value of service which will produce the result the buyer wants and focus on why is it essential to take action now?

  2. Share articles and valuable content which would help them; which shows care and gives more reasons to work with you as you have been thinking about your buyer and what is happening in their industry.

  3. Share success stories to emphasize the buyer's value by engaging with you.

  4. If you see an opportunity to help your buyer, grab the chance to make it valuable. The most powerful way to engage with your buyer is to give more value and support without worrying about getting in return.

  5. And, always end conversations or a meeting with the buyer agree to the next meeting or call.

What are your thoughts on follow up? Do you have more tips to improve follow-up with buyers? Let me know in the comments below.

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