90% of consultants who have acquired lead sources know just how important it is to nurture them to keep their conversion pipeline filled. It is crucial how we obtain the leads, and it’s what we do with them once we have their attention.

Trying to increase sales simply by increasing lead generation with a poor or no focus on lead conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by adding more water instead of plugging the holes.

Three fundamental mistakes that most consultants make and must be avoided to increase lead conversion %.

Not Acting On Immediately

One of the most critical mistakes consultants makes once they receive a lead is not acting on it immediately. You cannot come back from a weekly meeting with a lead in your hands, pin it to your bulletin board, and let it stay until you finally act on acquiring the lead. It does not matter what you are selling; every day is critical! Your competitor can call your prospect and walk away with the business at any moment.

Lacking Enthusiasm

Contacting the lead but having no enthusiasm while reaching out to your leads reflects you have no interest in having them onboard and can kill your chances of landing the deal by a whopping 80%. Clients pick up on the inflection in your voice and respond to it similarly therefore, don’t act as though your prospect is a burden to you and that you are doing them a favour.

Not Controlling Nervous Reflexes

Typical and common bodily functions get amplified when you are nervous during a client call, and it’s natural. Still, there is no excuse for doing it directly into your receiver’s end. Always put yourself in the shoes of your client, anticipate what they might ask, and take a run-through before the meeting. Imagine meeting your lead for the first time over a video call, and your conversation is being interrupted by yawns, sneezes, leg shaking, or simply fidgeting with a pen- it certainly disrupts the flow. It shows a lack of interest in the conversation.

So, the next time you receive a lead, act on it immediately, let your customer know that you are happy to work with them, speak confidently, avoid interruptions, and watch your sales productivity increase!

Remember that driving quality leads to clients requiring a significant amount of time and focus. You’ll expend energy, but you need to move out of your comfort zone to achieve the results that you want for your consulting business.

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