What do you do when one of your young team members loses a client or a project?

Do you write them off? Do you help them to bounce back from this negative experience?

Here are steps to respond to such situations:

Take control of own emotions

Make genuine efforts to move on from the disappointment before you are ready to help your team member.

Help employee to address self-criticism

When young employees have a negative experience, they tend to be overly self-critical and may lose confidence impacting their job performance. Allow them to voice negative self-talk, however, do not dwell on it.

What went wrong than who went wrong

Instead of blame, look for facts. Discuss what went wrong and why, so it doesn’t happen again.

What’s next

Finally, focus on the one or two positive choices or actions, they can make to learn and move on.

Instead of screaming at, threatening to be fired, or writing off the employee, use mistakes as “Teachable Moments” that can help a young employee to deal with self-criticism, and mistakes as well as improve in the long run.

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