Whether you are running an organization or just stepped up to the first management role, achieving business goals is your key focus. One of the biggest concerns is lagging behind targets or missing targets.

According to research by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve annual goals. So, what the other 92 percent of people do that holds them back from achieving goals?

Here are the top three things that impede leaders from achieving goals.

1. Unclear goals – One of the reasons, leaders do not achieve results is due to not setting clear goals. Lack of goal clarity, non-specific goals, or goals that cannot easily be articulated nor understood results in confusion and disconnect.

To address this, identify the key priorities, over-communicate goals, and priorities to ensure everyone is aligned and focused on these key goals.

2. Lack of resources Second reason for missing the business goal is the lack of resources necessary to allow people to successfully deliver goals.

80% of strategists, according to Gartner research, say they do not have the tools and skills to carry out growth strategies.

Leaders need to provide the necessary support, training, resources, create systems, processes, define performance metrics, and review methods to ensure repeatable and consistent results.

3. Disengaged employees One major reason leaders fail to achieve goals is because of their inability to engage employees by building the value of relationships and collaboration to drive collective achievement.

Leaders need to recognize and praise small as well as a big success, create rewards and recognition to appreciate and recognize the desired behaviors. Along with this, decisively address undesirable behaviors and use a feedback cycle to track progress.

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