Most consulting firms, approximately 89% - face the problem of lead generation and nurturing.

Getting poor quality leads are as frustrating as receiving birthday gift dress two sizes larger than you wanted. You can't return it as you received it with so much love, but you can't use it as it is not what you desired.

Leads must be RIGHT for your business, and when consultants come to me with a question.


I bring their attention to the root cause and dive below the surface. To help such businesses solve their real problems in getting the leads they want, I have deduced some factors to focus on:

General Contacts Are Not Leads

There is a difference between your general contacts and leads. Instead of focusing on your contacts, strengthen your lead nurturing strategies. Or give access to gated content and provide a CTA with of appointment.

Bridge Between Your Message And Client Needs

Consultants see the world as their clients, and they make the mistake of selecting general messaging to attract because 74% of clients feel frustrated due to irrelevant marketing. It would help if you created your messaging, ads, conversation pitches, other communications that your target clients would care about and get attracted toward you.

Prospects Don't Trust

Prospects don't wish to lose efforts, time, and energy by working with you and want to ensure that they don't get ridiculed by others for their decision to choose you. Use success stories and testimonials in your marketing messages, website, and emails to build trust with prospects.

Not Present Where Prospects Are

If you build your presence on Facebook and your prospects are more available on LinkedIn or other platforms, it would completely waste your efforts, time, and money as you are not visible to your prospects. Find the forums, events, social media channels, newsletters, and other places where your specific target clients spend their time the most.

No Compelling CTA

Suppose your advertisement, website, and all your sales and marketing materials are not pointing your targeted clients toward a single call-to-action. In that case, the trouble is that either prospect will be confused or may not take action you desire. To better lead generation, you need to solve your ideal client's problem with a promise that a compelling solid call-to-action can serve.

Lack Of Analysis

The biggest trap is being busy capturing data without analyzing and implementing changes. Categorize your prospect data into appointments/seminars that were: Successful, No Show, Cancel & Rescheduled. Define metrics for a website, email, and other lead generation arenas to check the efficacy and improvements.

Follow-Up With Value Add-On

80% of sales occur between the 5th and the 12th point of contact between the business and the prospect. Instead of follow-up messages, it would be great to create value-adding content like case studies and e-books, increase ROI examples and videos, and reach out to leads.

Whats next?

Solving these problems using the tips and research above will help overcome the most significant obstacle of generating quality leads.

What's most important, however, is that you're creating a lead generation process that connects with your ideal clients.

Take what you have learned in this post, and apply it in your own business. The results will be positive.

Have you discovered any interesting or new ways to fix the lead generation problem in your business?

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