Arvind walked out of the sales call, exhausted with an hour-long sales negotiation. He rattled off a long list of features and benefits, hoping to convince the prospect but succumbed to pressure to sign up by offering a discount in the end.

Why do consultants end up signing clients at a lower price?

Why do consultants fail to showcase actual value to the client?

One of the primary reasons sales conversions are ineffective is because they focus on your product or service rather than addressing concerns your clients have.

The only secret to selling high ticket sales is making the sale based on the VALUE, rather than simply the price.

You can get started by exploring these four things:

1. Knowing clients' reasons to show interest in your services

2. Understanding their biggest challenges

3. Impact of these challenges on their life and business and

4. The solution or changes that they are looking for

The next step?

Connect with your prospect's needs and explain how you can solve a critical problem they have.

State a big change or a promised land that your prospects are looking for and how you would help them get there.

Highlight benefits and not features is a sort of magic tool that can bring prospects to the promised land.

It would be beneficial to address all their concerns selling them on the idea before discussing pricing.

If you continue to face resistance, consider changing the deal instead of offering a discount if you have confidence in your services and their impact.

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